The Kiss of Deception – Review


5 stars out of 5

Oh my, I enjoyed this. I’ve wanted to start this series for so long now, but have always put it off because of how hard it is to buy here in the UK. My parents managed to get it through an Amazon third party, though, so it’s all good 🙂

I adored the characters in The Kiss of Deception. Lia is a little sweetheart – just don’t get on the wrong side of her, especially if you’re a male who would like to keep his male parts! I loved Lia’s friendship with Pauline; they would do anything for each other, and I love reading about friendships like that (#goals ehehe).

After running away on her wedding day, Lia travels with Pauline to Pauline’s home town of Terravin. It’s there we meet our two other main characters – Kaden (an assassin sent to kill Lia) and Raffe (the prince who she was set to marry, who, it turns out, isn’t twice her age and is actually quite the looker). Now, guys and gals, prepare to swoon because of these two. There are officially two more book boyfriends to add to my ever-growing list.

I loved this book. Every moment I wasn’t reading it I was wishing I was. I dreamed about these characters. I’m so, so pleased I finally managed to get this – I’m also pleased I ordered the second book in plenty of time so I can start it straight away!

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