The Benighted – Review


2 out of 5 stars

I was really excited for this one, I thought it sounded really promising, but it fell way short for me. I hate writing reviews for books that I haven’t enjoyed, but…

I have two main issues with this book: the writing/editing, and the 2D characters. The writing felt very immature to me, and some of the over the top descriptions made me cringe, and some just straight up made no sense. And the characters…they were just so utterly forgettable. I feel like the author tried to make our main character, Skylar, really badass but she just wasn’t. It was like a child trying to act all tough and just failing.

This book is told in flashbacks, which I was okay with, but it was a bit difficult to follow. The flashbacks weren’t in any order, and sometimes came completely out of the blue.

If I’m honest, the only reason that I gave this 2 stars instead of 1 is because of the idea. Like I said before, I felt like the idea was really good, it just wasn’t written very well (and, okay, I kinda like the cover).

*Thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for giving me the chance to read this*

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