Breath of Fire by Amanda Bouchet – Review


4 out of 5 stars

Not gonna lie, I debated pretty early on in the book about just stopping and calling it a day. The first 20% or so really irritated me. It starts off pretty much where the last book left off (if my memory serves me correctly). Cat is lying in bed, everything is as dandy as can be, and then Griffin storms in, demanding to know if Cat enjoyed making a fool out of him. He then proceeds to well and truly spit his dummy out, and starts throwing his weight around and destroys everything in the room. Why? Because Cat didn’t tell him the truth about her horrible past.

I knew the secret had to come out sooner or later, but I expected Griffin to be a little bit more…rational. Like, now completely wrecking their bed with his sword or breaking tables. Crazy request of mine, I know.

Oh, and then they have make up sex. Obviously. And all before the 20% mark.

Breath of Fire got a lot better as it went on, though, and I’m pleased that I stuck with it. The second half of the book was particularly gripping. I liked Cat; she made silly mistakes, but who doesn’t? Sometimes I wanted to shake her, but she does what she does to protect the people that she loves, and I can’t blame her for that. She isn’t the kind of gal to just sit on the sidelines with a bunch of pom poms. She gets involved, much to Griffin’s annoyance. Griffin also picked up for me – he still throws his weight around a lot, and there are many, many references to his, erm, large size (usually I would tell you to get your mind out of the gutter, but there are also quite a few references to the size of his more private parts, so you aren’t wrong), but I found him a lot more bearable, like the Griffin we know in the first book.

So yes, I’m pleased I stuck it out with this one, and I look forward to reading the conclusion to Cat’s story.

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