The Dragon’s Price (Transference) by Bethany Wiggins – Review

2 out of 5 stars

This disappointed me big time. I was intrigued at first, but then it just all went downhill. My main problem was the writing; it (and, by extension, the characters) just felt way too immature, even when some of the content wasn’t. 
Sorrow (I refuse to even write her full name because I think it’s just fucking daft) basically chooses to be eaten by a dragon instead of marry an old horse lord. I get that she wants to take her fate in her own hands and all that but I thought getting thrown into a mountain for a dragon to eat – and in a wedding dress! Now I’ve read about enough kick ass heroines to know that a wedding dress is not ideal to fight in. But! Never fear! For the baby of the horse lord’s sons comes in after her, to help her stand a chance. Nice of him. I, personally, wouldn’t put myself at such risk for someone I had just met the day before (and who calls my people barbarians), but maybe I’m selfish. Who knows.
Another thing that I found slightly, erm, cringe-worthy was when the dragons speak in Sorrow’s mind. It’s not the idea I have a problem with, it’s the voice. It’s all very “Aaargh, I’m a dragon, come here so I can eat you!” 

That’s probably just me though. I seem to have very high expectations when it comes to the intelligence level of dragons.
*thanks for NetGalley and the publisher for giving me the chance to read this*

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