Lady Thief by A.C.Gaughen – Review


5 out of 5 stars

I am devouring these books, guys. I’m so freaking pleased they’ve all been released because I would have gone mad waiting for these to come out.

I love these books and these characters so much. Scar and Rob face yet more trials and tribulations, with Rob suffering nightmares and Scar having to make an awful decision regarding her brute of a husband. Her moments with Rob are hard to come by, but my oh my when they do meet! They’re so sweet, and I am practically a puddle on the floor.

We’re introduced to a few new characters in Lady Thief, my favourite being Allan. We don’t see a whole lot of him, nor do we know much about him, but I think he has a whole lot of potential. He’s funny in a stupid kinda way, and slightly smarmy, but I hope to see more of him in Lion Heart.

And that ending. Well. I’m really hoping that Lion Heart is like the first two books and doesn’t disappoint.

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