Scarlet by A.C.Gaughen – Review


5 out of 5 stars

Okay, I have a confession: I have, and have always had, a major crush on Robin Hood. I don’t care what format he comes in: he could be Russell Crowe, Kevin Costner or a fox, I really couldn’t care. I will fancy him rotten non the less.

(The comment about the fox obviously refers to the Disney film; and yes, I was in love with a fox when I was a child.)

And this book? This book totally fuelled my fire. I fucking loved it. If I didn’t swoon for Robin Hood before, I am now reduced to a puddle on the floor because the Robin in this book is brooding and handsome and kind and all that good stuff. I just…sigh

I used to visit Sherwood Forest when I was younger (I even sat in the campsite that Robin and his men frequented, I’ll have you know) so I felt really close to Scarlet and her world. I could read this book and be back there, walking through the forest hand in hand with my dad. Aren’t books just magical?

This book is told from Scarlet’s point of view, and she…well, she doesn’t necessarily speak the Queen’s English, which I can imagine will bother a lot of people. I personally had no problem with it, and soon got into the swing of it. I actually really love it now. I think it suits Scarlet down to the ground.

Rob’s band consists of John, Much and and Scarlet, who is disguised as a boy. Scarlet is a total badass. She doesn’t rely on the boys to save her, she stands her ground and she’s a whizz with her knives. The band’s banter is witty and heartwarming, and every time Scar refers to them as ‘her boys’, my insides went all fuzzy like.

This book is packed full of adventure. It’s witty and fast paced and I am currently thanking god for my kindle so I can move onto the next one!

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