Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard – Review


5 out of 5 stars

Whoa. That was fucking intense. And, once again, I am incredibly late to the party with this one (when am I not tbh). I have no idea why I put off reading this for so long. The only reason I finally started the series was because I took a leap of faith and requested King’s Cage on NetGalley (which I then spoiled for myself because I’m a numpty). But I’m so pleased I finally got around to reading this.

I feel like everyone and their auntie has read this book, but if you don’t know, Red Queen is set in a world that is divided by the colour of your blood; the Silvers, with their special abilities, rule over the Reds, who have no abilities. In a world where jobs are sparse, the Reds are either worked to the bone or are sent away to fight in a long-fought war. They are slaves, and Victoria Aveyard’s descriptions are brutal.

Due to a ‘miracle’ meeting, our main character Mare finds herself thrust straight into the heart of the Silver ruling, working for the man who has sent her brothers, her people, to war. It is quickly discovered, however, that Mare is an oddity – she has the blood of a Red, but the ability of a Silver. She is forced to play the part of a long-lost daughter of a Silver warlord so as to pacify the Silvers who were witness to her little outburst of power.

Mare is a difficult character. I loved her, but there were times where I wanted to, ah, kick her in the face for being a hypocrite. But she is, however, in an impossible situation, with the weight of her people’s hurt pressing down on her. So, of course she is going to be bitter. Of course she is going to hate these people. I don’t think she would be a very well developed character if she didn’t feel these things.

This is not an easy read. This is intense, and vicious, and cruel. There is politics; there are mind games. There’s blood and war and betrayals. There’s a badass heroine, two brooding princes, and one hell of bitch of a Queen (seriously, someone smash Elara’s face in). I fucking love it.

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