Trust by Kylie Scott – review


4 out of 5 stars

Call me judgemental, but I had pretty low expectations for this book, which had everything to do with the cover. I don’t think I’ve ever read a book with a half-naked man on the front cover that has been more than just a sex fest.

So colour me surprised when this book actually had a storyline that was more than sex! And actually had a likeable and funny main character! AND had an equally funny Asian best gal friend and there was no bitchy competition! And let’s not mention the fact that our MCs mam is not only present in her life, but is caring and funny and protective.

So, yeah, there are a lot of qualities that make this book refreshing to me. Basically, our main gal Edie is caught up in an armed robbery situation and just barely manages to escape after being saved by a drug dealer (who is also the love interest if you were wondering) and his client, the latter of whom doesn’t make it out. So Edie and John manage to escape, and then need to deal with the press, betrayals, night terrors and guilt. Being the only two survivors, they’re naturally drawn together.

Edie is such a strong character, and not only because of surviving the aftermath of the attack. Being a larger lady, she is constantly fat shamed and put down, which I found heartbreaking to read but which Edie takes in her stride, and even comes to expect (which is heartbreaking in itself to be honest). She is sassy and takes no shit; when John raises his voice at her, she threatens to push him out the window, and when some arsehole grabs her bum in school, she eggs his car.

I also loved Hang, Edie’s new-found best friend. She is supportive but doesn’t push Edie to know about what happened during the attack. Their banter is hilarious and warmed my little heart.

Oh, and to top it all? There’s a pretty swoon worthy love interest too. And because it’s a NA book, there is some hot sex, but it’s not OTT. I would thoroughly recommend this book.

*thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for giving me the chance to read this book*

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