Infinity by Jus Accardo – review


4 out of 5 stars

Kori’s dad is an army general. Strict? You got it. But when two soldiers (basically glorified baby sitters) turn up to keep an eye on Kori while her dad is away, her world is rocked. First, she gets attacked on the street by a psycho. Then said psycho manages to enter her house, and attacks her again. And then? She finds out there are parallel worlds, her two protectors/baby sitters are from a different timeline, and her dad is part of a secret government division that allows travel between those worlds. It’s overwhelming, right?

Kori is fire. She is so fucking strong and she’s definitely willing to stand up for herself. She has some pretty difficult relationships with Cade and Noah, but she always tries to be realistic and logical and says it how it is. She’s also pretty funny, and has definitely earned her spot on my ‘favourite females’ shelf.

“Anyone who knows me is well aware that I’m perfectly capable of getting myself into trouble without outside help.”

The relationships that Kori has with Cade and Noah are brilliant and believable. Sure, there’s an attraction between Kori and Cade, but there’s no insta-love. And Kori and Noah just MELTED MY HEART.

I see you, Noah Anderson, you big ol’ softy, you. You don’t fool me with your brooding ways.

I highly recommend this book, and I’m so pleased I have the next one lined up!

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