Omega by Jus Accardo – Review


4 out of 5 stars

While Infinity was told in only Kori’s POV, Omega is told in alternating dual POVs, and centres around Noah and Ash.

So after Kori joins Cade and Noah’s Dylan-hunting squad, the trio skip from dimension to dimension, determined to bring Dylan to justice. When their cuffs begin to malfunction, however, they find themselves stuck in a particularly barbaric world, where society is set into tiers, and the lowest tiers are viewed as little more than rubbish.

Ash is one such citizen. She was a low tier citizen who was fostered by the cold, elite family, the Andersons. Her best friend, Noah, is the one person who looks at her like an equal. But after his suspicious death (which she is blamed for), Kori runs into our Noah. And despite Noah having seen multiple versions of Ash, despite Noah being totally different to Ash’s Noah, the two feel a pull. A totally infuriating and confusing pull, but a pull nonetheless. And the sexual tension? Is off. The. Charts.

I love Noah. I liked him in Infinity, but he definitely shines in this one. He’s a complete fucking arsehole, snarky and brooding but oh my god I love him.

Oh, the confidence…

“Cade joked that the universe didn’t need two of me, and he was right. When it came to perfection, obviously two wasn’t nearly enough.”

Oh, the snark…

“Oh yeah. I got kidnapped and tossed in a mad scientist’s basement just so I could have a shot at touching your ass. Get over yourself and move.”

Yeah, this kid is not the kind to win you over with sweet words.

“I know you’re a jackass.”
“Obviously,” He lifted hand and began flicking his fingers, one by one. “But you forgot rude, stubborn, loyal as fuck, hot as hell-“

I could literally just fill a review with snarky comments made by Noah, can you tell? Is it obvious?

I loved this book, but my one complaint would be that we get very little Kori/Cade time. I loved Kori in the first book, but apart from some sweet moments with her and Ash, and finding out that she got arrested for trying to break a kangaroo out of a zoo, Kori doesn’t really get a whole lot of screen time.

I did like Ash, though. She’s feisty and brave, despite having gone through some serious shit.

“Maybe Cade’s stupid theory that we’re born with holes in our souls, but able to fill them with the right person was true. Maybe we simply had to find that person.”

I’m so pleased I finally got around to reading this series! Thanks so much to the lovely Melissa from Entangled TEEN for letting me read this 🙂

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