Fireblood by Elly Blake – Review


5 out of 5 stars

I’ve come to the conclusion that, if given the chance, I would read Elly Blake’s shopping list. She has such a way with words, I think she could dress broccoli up quite nicely. Her books are such a comfort, and I find it so easy to just lose myself in her world, in her characters. While I’ve been reading Fireblood, I’ve been going through a difficult time (my grandad, after being ill for a long time, died this morning) and the thought of being able to read it kept me going, and whenever I wasn’t reading, I was looking forward to the next time I was able to. Aren’t books incredible?

The main thing I want to mention in this review is the worry of a love triangle. Yes, we are introduced to a possible love interest, but I desperately don’t want this book to be dissolved down to who Ruby should choose to be with (ahem, the answer is obviously Arcus…) because this love triangle was not brought on by Ruby being unhappy with Arcus, nor was it brought on simply because Arcus wasn’t there and Ruby was bored. From what I took from it, Ruby is still finding herself. She spent her whole life repressing her gift, hiding herself away, and while Arcus isn’t afraid of her fire, the other members of the frost court are. She feels isolated; she’s constantly put down and told that she only holds Arcus back. Who wouldn’t be affected by that?

But then, for the first time, she meets Kai, another Fireblood, and she travels to the homeland of Firebloods. And, even though she’s surrounded by her own people, she still doesn’t know where she belongs because she still wants to be with Arcus. So, yes, there are a few romantic feelings towards Kai. But, bigger than the love triangle, this book is about Ruby finding both herself, and a way to unite Firebloods and Frostbloods while also destroying the Minax.

Ah, I went off on a bit of a tangent there, didn’t I? Apologies…

I loved reading about Ruby developing her powers. To be honest, I just love Ruby in general. She’s not perfect. She’s impulsive, but she means well, and then admits when she knows she’s done wrong.

This series seriously doesn’t get the recognition it deserves. I want lots of FANART god dammit! And fanfiction! I can’t draw and I can’t write, so help a gal out would you?

*Thank you so much to Elly Blake and Emily Kitchin for giving me the chance to read this book <3*

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