The Beautiful Ones by Silvia Moreno-Garcia – Review


3 out of 5 stars

Okay, so to start with Ii’m going to say that this is not a bad book. It isn’t. Silvia’s writing is actually beautiful, and I would definitely try to read another one of her books. But this is just one of those books that just didn’t work for me.

The Beautiful Ones is not a plot-based book. To be honest, there are only two main things I can name that happen. This book has three main characters; Nina (who is a complete sweetheart that I just wanted to wrap up in cotton wool), Hector (who was an arsehole at first, but then became less of an arsehole, by which time it was a little late for me) and Valérie (who is a GRADE A FUCKING BITCH oh my god).

The beginning of this book reminded me a bit of the Lady Helen books, in the sense that there are a lot of beautiful descriptions and world building, but not a lot of action. The difference, for me, though, was that the Lady Helen books had an event. There was something that happened to Lady Helen that changed her, allowing her to grow and change over the course of the book. There was no such luck with Nina and her story, though.

What I do want to stress is that The Beautiful Ones gets a lot of good reviews on Goodreads, and I am in the minority with my 3 star rating. If you’re okay with character-driven books, then this is probably worth a try. Silvia did a brilliant job at making me feel like I was living the parties and the balls, but sadly it wasn’t enough to fight off my boredom.

*Thank you so much to the publisher for giving me the chance to read and review this novel*

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