Before She Ignites by Jodi Meadows – Review


Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Ever since I read The Last Namsara, I fucking love dragons. And this book? This book has dragons. I like.

There’s quite a few things I loved about this book, one of them obviously being the dragons

(I want a fucking dragon but not one of those daft little lizard things you can buy at Pets at Home, I want an honest to god firebreathing i-set-fire-to-the-rain dragon. With wings.)

The other main things I liked about Before She Ignites are as follows:

1. Mira, our MC, suffers from anxiety. And it’s not pushed to the back. And her panic attacks are well written. I know, a YA fantasy book with a POC main character that suffers from anxiety that is also a dragon whisperer? It’s shocking, but pick your jaws up off the floor.
2. THERE IS A FUCKING SHADOW ASSASSIN. Like, this dude is literally someone’s shadow who comes to life and starts offing people. That is wild. And a little spooky. But wild.
3. Mira has lived a privileged life, and that isn’t erased when she gets imprisoned. Yeah, a piece of silk to wrap her hair up in isn’t essential, but she lived with that comfort her whole life. Of course she’s going to struggle with it being taken away. She’s had EVERYTHING taken away. I loved that she struggled with missing her privileges. It’s realistic.
4. Dragons.

Apart from the fact that one of the lands was called Idris (and the Silent Brothers lived there), I loved Mira’s world. And my problem with Idris wasn’t because of some deep loyalty to Cassandra Clare, it was mainly just because every time I read about Idris, I sort of jolted and it threw me off my reading game. But that’s my problem.

This book is quite a slow mover, but I was never bored. I can understand why it won’t be for everyone, because over half of the book is set in prison and there’s a lot of ‘Before/After’ going on. But I really enjoyed it because it erased the problem of the dreaded info dump.

*Thanks to Edelweiss for giving me the chance to read this book*

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