Smart Tass by Mimi Jean Pamfiloff – Review


Rating – ⭐️⭐️⭐️

I don’t usually like books where the love interest picks on and abuses the main character. It just makes me a bit uncomfortable, but I thought I’d give this book a try because I love a good easy reading new adult book every now and then.

Tassie (it literally took me to the end of the book to realise that her name was not, in fact, Tessie) and Hunter (classic fuck boy name, if you ask me) lived next door to each other their whole lives. Their rivalry spans back to their nursery days, when their parents used to drive them to the day care and they used to insist that they weren’t actually friends.

Who picked on who first? Why did they start fighting? Who knows, I don’t.

Smart Tass is basically just about Tassie and Hunter pretending to be boyfriend and girlfriend for their sorority and fraternity bets

(I’m English and so don’t really understand these sorority and frat things so let’s not focus on that too much)

Tassie wants to prove to her snotty nosed sorority that she can win over Hunter simply by ‘dressing like a slut’ and giggling. Hunter wants to prove to his jock-ish(?) fraternity that he can get Tass to give up her virginity to him, thus earning him points in their fraternity scavenger hunt

(I don’t really get it either. What even is the point in a fraternity)

While Hunter sounds like a sleazy sleazeball, I actually preferred him to Tass. Let me tell you, Tass is the most annoying female character I’ve read about since MacKayla Lane from the Fever series. To put it simply, she’s a brat. She thinks she’s above everyone else because of her IQ and her parents’ jobs.

She literally met some cheerleader girls and was surprised when they actually cared about their studies.

Like seriously Tassie, you need to get someone to forcibly pull your head out of your own arse before it’s too late.

Now, I love characters who are smart and don’t put themselves down, who own their intelligence. But just because you’re smart doesn’t give you the right to be a massive dickhead.

The amount of stupid euphemisms that Tassie came out with for losing her virginity drove me wild too. He’s not ‘riding your chariot on its maiden voyage’, YOU’RE HAVING FUCKING SEX. YOU ARE NOT ACHILLES. YOU DO NOT HAVE A CHARIOT. YOU HAVE A VAGINA.

I’m aware that this ‘review’ is more of a massive bitch about Tassie’s character, but Tassie and the rest of the smart girls were so immature. I think MJP tried to make them come across as kooky and witty, but they just came across as morons.

One of the smart girls literally called someone a ‘dwarf planet’ as an insult. If I called someone a dwarf planet in an argument I’d get laughed out of the joint.

And breathe.

I would give this book 4 starts because of how light and easy it was to read, but Tassie ruins everything. How dare you, Tassie.

*Thanks to the publisher for giving me an e-galley to review*

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