Beyond The Wall by Tanya Landman – Review


Rating – ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

There aren’t enough YA books about the Romans (seriously, if any of you know any good ones HIT ME UP).

I LOVED learning about the Romans when I was at school; the very first book I checked out of a library when I was small was a book about them. Fucking loved it. So I was SUPER excited when I saw Beyond The Wall in Waterstones!

Beyond the Wall follows Cassia, a Briton slave in a Roman household, whose master decides to make her his mistress. Cassia takes matters into her own hands and manages to escape, and is the spark that ignites a flame of hope in the hearts of slaves all across the land. In order to fully escape her master, Cassia needs to make the difficult decision as to whether to trust Marcus, a Roman, who seems hell bent on doing everything to help her. But at what cost?

I’m so pleased that I didn’t let the negative reviews put me off reading this, because I thoroughly enjoyed it. There isn’t a great deal of action, and there’s a lot of travelling from one place to another, but I loved Cassia and Marcus. I especially loved reading about how Marcus grows as a character. And while the ending is left very open, I think Tanya manages to pull it off.

I also quite liked the narration style; it almost reminded me of The Book Thief!

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