Tower of Dawn by Sarah J Maas – Review


Rating – ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

I liked Chaol early on in the books, but I thought that his character took a bit of a nosedive when things really started to unravel.  So a book focused on him, without my gal Aelin, made me worry a bit. OBVIOUSLY though I should have trusted Sarah because she’s a literal goddess and I do believe she could spin her shopping list into a mind blowing epic tale.

Tower of Dawn started off slow for me, which I suppose is to be expected what with the jumping timelines (I struggled to remember that this book was not actually after Empire of Storms, but that’s probably just me) and having to learn the cultures of a different land. I did also struggle to remember all the new names (Sarah’s character names never cease to amaze me), but I think I got there in the end.

While Chaol definitely irritated me at the beginning, he did grow on me and now I’m back to how I felt about him initially (yay!). I think Sarah did a brilliant job writing about Chaol’s feelings regarding his disability, and while I’m not going to say much on that subject, I loved reading about how Chaol went from embarrassment to acceptance of his disability.

What really stole the show for me, though? Yrene. Before going into Tower of Dawn, I expected her to be all meek and fragile, but she’s brilliant! She has put Aelin’s advice into action, and she takes no shit from anyone – and she teaches a self defence class to her fellow healers!

The main thing I loved about her, though, was the fact that she didn’t see Chaol as a disability. She didn’t pity him, didn’t go out of her way to help him when she knew it would offend him. Didn’t baby him. I loved seeing their relationship grow.

I’m a total sucker for hate to love relationships.

However, despite trying so hard to love Nesryn, I just couldn’t get away with her. She’s just one of those characters for me where they’re just okay. I can appreciate why some people love her, but I just didn’t.

I also think that Sarah’s writing just grows and grows. Not only does she introduce a gay relationship, she also adds way more diversity in this novel. Her world building and plot twists continue to dazzle, and that fucking ending…my GOD. The last ‘chapter’ is painful, you guys. PAINFUL.

While I am really pleased with how Tower of Dawn turned out, I am REALLY looking forward to getting back with Aelin. And I’m currently rereading all the Throne of Glass books because ugh I just love them.

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