Blocked by L.P.Dover – Review


Rating – ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

I play a dangerous game on a regular basis, where I request to read an ARC of the second book in a series when I haven’t read the first book. Sometimes it pays off and I find a new series to love, but a lot of the time I have no idea what’s going on and I regret every moment of it. Thankfully, though, Blocked fell into the former category. It was a typical New Adult romance, combining both easy reading and angst.

Dallas is a big shot hockey player who’s used to everything falling at his feet. He’s not used to being challenged by women in any aspect of life, let alone on the ice rink. Enter Callie, an ER nurse who has grown up with three brothers, all of who love hockey, so she’s pretty confident. After clashing during training, Callie makes Dallas crawl, dragging out his apologies.

Initially, I couldn’t get behind Dallas

(is Dallas actually a name? If someone from where I’m from was called Dallas they would probably be the butt of many a joke)

I found him irritating and a bit cringey, and I wanted to smack him, with his caveman ways. He did get more tolerable as the book went on, though.

I did enjoy this book, despite being from England and not having a clue about anything to do with hockey (sticks hitting little black things is about the extent of my knowledge). I would recommend Blocked if you’re looking for a nice easy read.

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