Cold Hard Truth by Anne Greenwood Brown – Review


Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

I was sceptical about requesting this book on NetGalley for no other reason than I couldn’t find any reviews for it on Goodreads. I know that’s wrong, because different people enjoy different books, and I’m really pleased I took a chance on Cold Hard Truth.

Caught up with the wrong crowd (consisting of her mother’s drug dealer, Nick, and his thugs), Emmie is arrested after her involvement in a robbery. Having a lawyer as a dad, Emmie gets off with community service work, where she meets hockey player Max, who goes to her school, and who is dealing with demons of his own. And while Max encourages Emmie to open up, she still lives in fear of Nick; for, even though he’s behind bars, his cronies are still out, trying to get revenge.

Emmie is a little spitfire. While she may be afraid, she never lets that fear take control, even when she’s in danger of flying fridges (that is actually a scene in the book, not just me with my dodgy sayings). And even though she’s been dealt a shitty hand, she doesn’t feel sorry for herself; she gets on with her life, acknowledging the fact that she made her own choices.

Max was…okay. He grew on me. To start with I thought his character was a bit pushy, he came onto Emmie really strongly, trying to get her to tell him what was going on with her.

This was my first book by Anne Greenwood Brown, and I would definitely consider reading other of her books.

*Thank you to the publisher and NetGalley for letting me read this book*

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