The Becoming of Noah Shaw by Michelle Hodkin Review

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Rating – ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Before going into this book, my thoughts were as followed:

“Yeeees, more Mara and Noah! Happy endings! Banter! Sex scenes! Couple-y things!”

Now? Now my thoughts are more along the lines of:


The Plot

The book begins in England, at the funeral of one of Noah’s family members. Far from being cut up, Noah leaves the service to go and – ah – have sex with Mara in some ruins. They’re interrupted, however, when a fellow Carrier commits suicide in their vicinity, and Noah experiences it through the Carrier (Ben’s) eyes. Ben’s death is the beginning of a series of Carrier suicides, and Noah is beginning to doubt everyone – even Mara – whilst trying to get to the bottom of the suicides.

Characters and Relationships

You would think, after the events of Mara’s trilogy, that Mara and Noah would be past their secret keeping and lying, but not so. While I still love both Noah and Mara, Mara felt a little…distant to Noah. She still loves him, but she keeps a lot from him, that he inevitably finds out from other people.

Jamie, too, obviously makes an appearance and I…didn’t like him. Jamie, who made me piss myself laughing in the other books, irritated me. I feel like there’s going to be a lot more to his character that will be revealed in later books.

The real star of this show? DANIEL. Yep, Mara’s geeky, overprotective older brother is fucking brilliant in this book. I am a total Daniel fangirl. He loves Mara to a fault; while Noah also loves Mara, he acknowledges her flaws and isn’t blinded when it comes to her “Gift” and what it means.

Daniel stole the show for me whenever he was in a scene. He’s so. Freaking. Smart. As soon as anything happens, Daniel knows to ask the right questions. And his friendship with Noah?



I am HERE FOR IT. There’s no rivalry between Mara’s boyfriend and her older brother; instead Noah comes to rely on him, to lean on him in difficult situations.

It’s beautiful.

I think this book is going to divide people. On the one hand, it’s lovely getting back into Mara and Noah’s world; on the other hand, I can totally understand people who want to keep the happy ending we got after Mara’s trilogy.

Because the ending is not satisfying. I am not satisfied. I am angry and impatient and I want book two.

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