Paper Princess by Erin Watt Review

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Rating – ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Okay, this book is the literal definition of a guilty pleasure. It’s twisted and far-fetched and just so wrong that it’s right. There were times where I almost laughed at how ridiculous it was, but I had to keep reading. It was so addicting and now I can’t believe that I have to wait a few more days before I can start the next one.

(Shout out to Amazon Prime for changing their “next day delivery” to “whenever the fuck we feel like delivery”. Lying bastards.)

Also, I just need to point out that if this book is a YA book, then I’m a shoe.

Like, there is no way this is YA. I mean, these guys are like twenty somethings, not 17 year olds.

There’s also an attempted rape scene that needs mentioning because of trigger warnings and that, so if that’s going to upset you, maybe give this book a miss because there’s also a hell of a lot of slut shaming going on.

The Plot After the death of her mother, Ella is by herself. She strips to earn a living, but is struggling to make ends meet when a stranger arrives at her school, claims to be her legal guardian, and whisks her away to live with him, with the promise of a whole lot of money going her way if she stays with him.

Sounds simple, but add his five less-than-welcoming sons into the mix, and Ella is struggling to settle into her new life.

If you’re a lover of action-packed plots, then this may not be the book for you because that’s basically it. Paper Princess is mainly focused on the characters, which did work for me, but won’t work for some.

The Characters I have never, in my entire reading life, met so many bastards in one book. You’ll have heard the saying “more issues than Vogue”, right? Well I think that line is what inspired these characters. Like, Erin Watt sat down with that phrase in the middle of a spider diagram and just took it from there.

Ella is our narrator, and I really liked her. She’s still obviously dealing with the death of her mam, and then add in these arsehole boys, and she’s struggling. Her new elite private school is good academically but the students are all complete bastards who judge her every move and try to push her down at every opportunity they get. Regardless of whether you like Ella as a character or not, you have to admit she’s determined. She deals with the Royal’s shit on a daily basis and then goes back for more.

Everybody puts the Royal boys on a pedestal, right, and I just don’t get it. Why? Why are you listening to them and doing what they say? How are they bullying the teachers into doing what they want? I don’t understand. They’re so twisted and they’re so disrespectful and they make me want to punch them in their beautiful faces. That family is a hot mess, my god.

The Verdict This book is far from perfect. I hated the way that girls were all portrayed as objects. I didn’t like the fact that there was maybe one positive female relationship, and even then I’m pretty distrustful of it. The relationship with a certain Royal boy isn’t the healthiest; definitely not the kind of relationship you aspire to have.

But having said all that, I can’t fucking wait until Amazon get their shit together and deliver the next two books in the series.

(Seriously Amazon fuck you.)

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