Blood Rose Rebellion by Rosalyn Eves Review

Rating – ⭐️⭐️⭐️

Blood Rose Rebellion is a really hard book to review, because on the one hand I did enjoy it, but on the other hand there were times where, after fighting my dropping eyelids for an hour, I felt in dire need of a nap.

Yeah, not good. I like my books to be gripping and thrilling. I like my books to keep me awake at night, thinking through plots and characters and relationships. I don’t like my books make me want to go to sleep.

This isn’t a bad book, really. It’s just not brilliant. Initially I thought I was onto a winner because I got some serious Lady Helen vibes from it, and I loved Lady Helen.

Lady Helen is slow, but it’s beautiful and enthralling and has such vivid characters and writing.

Blood Rose Rebellion is slow, has beautiful writing, but failed to bring anything else to the table for me.

Anna is Barren, meaning she’s basically a Squib. A Squib who is able to, instead of casting spells, break spells. When she ruins her sisters debut by breaking her spells, Anna is sent away to Hungary with her Gran, in hiding from the Circle (I think that’s the name they go by, anyway; I was a bit confused), as they believe that Anna has the ability to break the Binding, a sort of magical well.

There’s a romance, of course, but it didn’t really grab me. Initially I thought I was going to have to add another ship to my ever-growing list, but then it sort of fell flat.

All in all, I’m pretty disappointed with this book; its only saving grace was the lovely writing.

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