Scarlet by Marissa Meyer Review

Rating – ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

So I have a new obsession in The Lunar Chronicles. I literally can’t believe I’ve been sleeping on this series for so long and I want to drop kick myself for it.

Marissa Meyer’s ability to write about such well-loved and classic characters, including the well known aspects of their stories as well as Marissa’s own ideas and twining them together so seamlessly is incredible. You can almost forget that you’re reading about characters that used to be bedtime stories for you as a child, and then Marissa adds a clever little reference that just makes you sit up straighter and go “Oh!”. It’s delightful.

Scarlet is told in multiple POVs, and alternates between Scarlet, Cinder and Kai (mainly; we do get one chapter from Wolf and also the Lunar Queen) and it so totally works! There were times where I finished, say, a Scarlet chapter and I was so completely gripped with her story that I didn’t want to change back to Cinder or Kai, but then once I got reading about them I didn’t want their parts to end, either. I was never bored, and I never found myself wanting for a different POV whilst in the middle of someone else’s.

The idea of a Little Red Riding Hood retelling did have me a bit sceptical because it can get very cheesy very quickly, but I was really pleased with how the wolf was brought into the story. The new characters are done so well; Scarlet is fire, Wolf is so freaking cute when he’s not, like, having to hold back his homicidal urges, and Thorne is just fabulous.

I definitely have two new book boyfriends.

Also, Thorne’s bromance with Cinder? I’m not worthy. 10/10. Goals.

I was intrigued (and also a bit nervous) to see how Cinder and Scarlet’s paths were going to intertwine, and I wasn’t disappointed. It felt very natural and essential to the story, not rushed or forced. Scarlet definitely surpassed my expectations; kick arse girls, swoon worthy boys, and intergalactic politics; bravo!

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