Cress by Marissa Meyer Review

Rating – ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Marissa Meyer’s characters have more life in them than I do and I don’t really understand how that works. They’re so lifelike and fleshed out and I just…just love them.

Sometimes you read a book and the characters are so vivid and realistic that they feel like friends. For me, those books are Throne of Glass, Six of Crows, The Infernal Devices and now The Lunar Chronicles. I love these characters for their bravery and their wit and their flaws.

With another book comes another fairy tale, and Cress is based upon Rapunzel. I didn’t expect to love Cress as much as I did. She melted my heart, and while I had my suspicions about her later-revealed father, I didn’t quite expect to have my heart broken like that.

How rude, Marissa Meyer. How very rude.

I loved Cress. Completely. I could literally relate to her so much, from her full on fangirl worship of Thorne, to all her nervousness and awkwardness. I worried initially in case there was going to be some serious insta-love going on (Cress decided she was in love with Thorne before she met him by researching all about him and his childhood) but that idea got kicked in the face when she and Thorne come face to face via video feed.

Because this is Cress’s book, and Thorne’s attempted rescue of her fails and lands them in the middle of a desert, we get to see a lot of her and Thorne together and I only have one thing to say:

I ship it

I ship it so hard, it’s ridiculous. Marissa keeps handing me all these ships and I don’t know what to do with myself because I fucking love them all, and I don’t know who to focus my love and attention on.

Speaking of love and attention, WE GET A REUNION. We get an actual Cinder and Kai reunion and while I didn’t exactly expect it to involve Cinder shooting Kai, I’ll take what I can get thank you very much.

We also get a glimpse at Winter, our Snow White in the next book, and for all I slag insta-love off in my reviews, I can confirm that I’m in love with Winter already.


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