Winter by Marissa Meyer Review

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Rating – ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

My heart is full. Full of love for Cinder and her friends, full of joy, full of gratitude, because I feel privileged to have read these books, to know these characters and their stories. This is one of those series that I’ll hold dearly in my heart.

A book that skips between eleven different POVs and timelines is tricky, both to write (I imagine) and to read. But oh my word, Marissa Meyer pulls this off. There are never any dull moments, and there were never moments where I was wishing for someone else’s POV, I was so invested in all of the characters. Which was strange for me, because usually I fall in love with a handful of characters and cling to them for dear life, but with this series I legit love them all. Even – gasp! – Jacin, who I wasn’t a big fan of in Cress.

Winter is a pure beast. It’s 823 pages long, and is such an excellent arm workout that it put my dumbbells to shame. With most long books, I usually experience some boredom and start looking to the end, but with Winter I just didn’t care how long it was. I didn’t want it to end.

Winter, this book’s namesake was such an interesting character for me. She was fascinating, because while she was literally going mad, she still enchanted everyone she met. She was still kind. She still put others before herself, even when they were mocking of her and her madness.

There was one particular moment with Winter that resonated with me on such a deep level, where Winter is speaking to Jacin about a potential cure for her madness and is worried about whether or not the public will still like her when she’s sane. She wanted to change, wanted to get rid of her delusions, but she couldn’t remember a time where her mental health wasn’t in decline, and can no longer be sure of who she is without it.

And that just…it speaks to my soul. That moment itself made me cry.

You know what else made me cry?

Carswell “Tell Cress I Meant It” Thorne.




Thorne and Cress rock my world. Cress is such a different character to read about, because she’s kick arse in a quiet, understated way. I love the fact that she lives in her head so much, thinking up different scenarios to help her through difficult times. I love the way she controlled her panic and kept telling herself to be brave.

I just loved her. She’s too pure.

And Thorne? Characters like Thorne are the reason I have ridiculously high expectations for relationships. Because seriously, when is my Thorne going to come into my life?

He’s fucking late.

Cinder and Kai, too. Their relationship is built on pure respect and love for one another, and I absolutely adored the fact that Iko – Cinder’s best friend – had a massive crush on Kai, and Cinder literally did not give a shit. There was no jealously and possessiveness and that is something that doesn’t get enough rep in YA books.

I’m aware that this review is long and ramble-y, so I’m going to wrap up by saying that this series is a masterpiece. A literal masterpiece, and I could smash my own face in for waiting this long to read it.

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