Rebel Spring by Morgan Rhodes Review

Rating – ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

I would just like to say that if Cleo is unhappy in her marriage with Magnus, I would be more than happy to be her mistress. I’m in love with her. Just putting that out there.

Rebel Spring ensnared me. From the first page, I was gripped. I literally cannot believe that, halfway through Falling Kingdoms I wasn’t sure as to whether I would continue the series or not. I’m so pleased I came to my senses at the end of Falling Kingdoms. So pleased.

What is truly incredible about Rebel Spring is how much it keeps you on your toes. There is so much politics; every word that is said is used as a weapon. Nobody is safe from each other; nobody is truthful to each other. Everyone is playing their own game and it’s so seductive and dangerous that it blows my mind. After conquering Auranos, King Gaius is still being his dick-ish self, lying to his new people, threatening folks, and just generally living up to his name as the King of Blood.

Honestly, he makes me want to kick him off a cliff.

Cleo is still the King’s glorified prisoner. She still lives in her palace, but she’s also walking on eggshells around the King, whilst also trying to uncover as much information about her father’s ring as possible. And there’s also the small matter of getting her throne back.

In Falling Kingdoms Cleo is childish and a bit silly. In Rebel Spring she is a badass bitch who cannot be tamed. I absolutely bloody loved her. The first meeting between her and Lucia had me shaken to the core. Their vocal sparring was epic enough to give me whiplash and had me like


Lucia spends a lot of the book unconscious and honestly? Best thing for her. She absolutely did my head in in this book, despite not minding her too much in the last book.

She sort of swapped places with Magnus for me, because he was sort of average for me last time but now he’s full on ruining me life. His interactions with Cleo gave me life, and now I have a new ship and I can already tell that they’re going to drag me through the mud.

I also have a lot of hope for Magnus’s character growth in the next book because while his tough ice cold look sort of works for him, it’ll make me feel better about loving him if he’s not a homicidal maniac.

Jonas is continuing the rebel movement, searching for any way to bring King Gaius to his knees. While he’s not my favourite character, I did warm to him a lot in this book.

We also get a new character, Lysandra who I really want to love but just can’t. She’s wicked with a bow and arrow and is passionate and desperate to avenge her family and village – she also irritates the shit out of me and I have no idea why.

Having only just finished this book, I’m already onto the next one. I’m obsessed.

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