Gathering Darkness by Morgan Rhodes Review

Rating – ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

My love for Cleo and Magnus knows no bounds. Their interactions with each other slay my entire existence. Whenever I get to a chapter and see it being from one of their POVs I get liketumblr_lns00fchfi1qi95ueo1_500 They make this entire series for me. Iconic.


I can understand why people could get bored throughout these books. Whereas with a lot of books there’s Build Up and then an Event, and then maybe repeat, this series has a lot of small events that build up and build up and then all come together in the end. This works for me personally because I love second guessing everything (FINALLY my paranoia comes in handy!!!!) and Morgan Rhodes truly keeps me on my toes.

So what’s up with the characters, you might ask? Well, they’re still an entirely stab-happy and cunning bunch, so nothing has changed there.

What has changed is the relationships between those stab-happy characters. Cleo has, against her better judgement, started to develop friendly feelings for Lucia, who continues to grow and develop into a volatile maniac.

Her father must be so proud.

(No, really. He will be.)

Magnus starts to develop feelings for Cleo, which, as you may have guessed, I AM TOTALLY HERE FOR. He, however, is a lot less pleased about it than I am.

Jonas continues to correspond with Cleo, and he actually manages to pull off one of his rebel-ish plans! He saves some prisoners from an execution and I think he will have been just as surprised as I am.

Lysandra continues to irritate me. Mic continues to be incredibly devoted and loyal to Cleo, bless his heart.

But Princess Amara? She can go and talk a long walk off a short pier. I hate her. She’s one of those characters who you know is really well written and is a good ~character~ but you just hate them. She’s cunning and manipulative and ruthless and she hides behind sweet smiles.

Also, she’s a Kraeshian and I honestly couldn’t stop reading it as her being a Kardashian.

This series has me completely obsessed. I’ve been scouring Etsy for Falling Kingdoms merch (WHY IS THE SHIPPING ALWAYS SO HIGH) and whenever I’m not reading, I’m thinking and counting down until I can get back to Cleo and Magnus and the rest of the brutes.

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