Frozen Tides by Morgan Rhodes Review

Photo from @beautifulbookland on Instagram

Rating – ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Every single time I’ve finished one of Morgan’s books, I think “There’s no way she’s gonna top this” AND THEN SHE FUCKING DOES. Whoa. Hold up. I need a moment or ten.

I would just like to say that any reader who read these books as they came out and then had to wait a year for the next one:

You little troopers. My heart aches for you. Because I’ve binge read this series in January and I’m trying to prolong it for as long as possible so I don’t need to wait a long time until February. So to wait a year? Wow. A moment of silence for you all.

Morgan’s characters are so incredibly delicious; she makes you feel sympathetic to a character one moment and then hate them another (apart from Lucia; I really fucking hate Lucia, and she has a whole lotta making up to do). These characters are so devious and cunning and ruthless that you second guess every single one of them.

My favourites still remain Cleo and Magnus and honestly? The ending with them? I am on cloud 9. My babies. Finally. Embrace your love of one another.

We get to learn more about Amara, who is a Bitch™️ and she honestly makes me want to kick her off a cliff…but she is SUCH a good character. She’s one of those characters you just love to hate, and oh boy do I hate her.

Along with Amara, we also get an added Felix POV, and I actually really liked him! He sort of reminded me a bit of Magnus in Falling Kingdoms because he spent so much time and effort talking himself into being dangerous and a bad guy but then he rescues a little old lady’s kitten from a tree.

Yeah, sure he’s a trained assassin and he pinned Jonas to the floor by stabbing him in the shoulder, but I’m telling ya, he’s a big old softy.

Speaking of Jonas, he…he’s still just average. He sort of just arses about with his gang and even he doesn’t know what he’s doing.

I can totally relate.

Meanwhile, Lucia has officially donned the Cloak of Evil and is roaming about Mytica with her slightly unhinged god of fire, Kyan, who throws a lot of tantrums and a lot of flames.

Imagine an angry toddler on steroids with a flamethrower, and you have Kyan.

rz3wwactual footage of Lucia with Kyan

be a smidge. But it’s also just a top notch book, and I genuinely think that pursuing this series was one of the best decisions I’ve made in my reading life.

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