Immortal Reign (Falling Kingdoms 6) by Morgan Rhodes Review

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Rating – ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ (ALL THE STARS EVER)

Do you ever read a book that you love so much, finish it, and then just hug it to your chest because you just love it so much?

Because that was me after finishing Immortal Reign. My heart was full of love, my eyes full of tears and now I have one heck of a book hangover.

I don’t know how I’m going to cope.

This book…five stars doesn’t give it justice. It’s gripping and thrilling and magical and has an ending that is so pure and perfect, you definitely won’t be disappointed.

One thing that I do think a lot of people will like is the fact that the amount of POVs are reduced. We have Cleo, Magnus, Lucia and Jonas (Nic also makes an appearance, like, twice or something, but they aren’t long chapters) and their timelines are so easy to follow, it’s completely seamless. I don’t mind a lot of POVs, but there were moments in other books where I would move onto another characters POV and be like “what? Who’s this? What are they doing? Why? What’s going on?” (@ A Game of Thrones). But Morgan doesn’t fall into that trap here!

Immortal Reign picks up straight away after Crystal Storm, with Magnus stuck in a very deep ditch and the rest of the characters trying to pick up the pieces after the disastrous ceremony that allowed the water and air Kindreds to take residence in Cleo and Taran’s bodies.

I don’t want to spoil more of this book than is necessary, but I will say that the Magneo reunion is e v e r y t h i n g. I’m obsessed with them and it’s painful but totally worth it.

So, Cleo and Magnus are in a race against time to stop the water Kindred from taking full control over her body. Lucia runs off on a quest to get help from Timotheus, and Jonas sort of just tags along wherever she goes. Amara goes back to Kraeshia with her tail between her legs, determined to forget Mytica and focus instead on her Ascension to become Empress.

Amara…she sort of grew on me. Like, I still don’t like her, so she clearly didn’t grow on me that much, but I don’t flat-out hate her anymore and her chapters didn’t make me want to cry for Magnus or Cleo like they used to.

Lucia, however, still makes me want to drop kick her in the face. She irritates me no end, despite me really wanting to like her. I want to worship the ground she walks on like I do with Cleo, but I think I would rather just spit on it instead.

Speaking of Cleo, baby girl still continues to take names and kick arse, making Magnus (and, being honest, me) all hot under the collar.

And Magnus…my god, I adore him. The love that he and Cleo have for each other brought a tear to my eye on a regular basis.

They are the ultimate Hate to Love™️ couple.

This is, 100%, my favourite book of the series. I couldn’t have asked Morgan for more for these characters. I know I only started this series a little while ago, but I will treasure Cleo and Magnus and their story forever. I know I’ll be doing a reread soon.

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