In Harmony by Emma Scott Review

Rating – ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Let me tell you what happens when I read an Emma Scott novel. The process goes something like this:

– read and adore Emma’s book

– scour the internet to try and find a new adult romance to cure my book hangover

– download a shit ton of them to my kindle

– read said books, get let down considerably

– cry

I’m yet to do the last point, but I’m halfway through the fourth point so I’m well on my way.

I always struggle to find satisfying NA books; either the writing is poor, the dialogue cheesy, or the characters flat (sometimes I get all three rolled into one and I can’t sleep for a week). Emma’s writing, however, is none of the above, and I find myself trying to prolong the reading experience for as long as possible because I’m having the time of my life.

After throwing a secret birthday party for herself while her parents are away, Willow is left alone to pick up the pieces of herself. Her school work suffers, her friends leave her, and when her father uproots the family and moves to the tiny town of Harmony, she can’t bring herself to care, despite it meaning she has to build herself a completely new life.

A lifeline is thrown her way in the shape of a theatre production of Hamlet, and Willow finds herself slowly starting to build relationships with Angie, the bubbly girl who immediately took Willow under her wing, and Isaac, her mysterious, brooding and wickedly talented co-star.

I absolutely loved the progression of Willow’s character, and her relationships. Seeing her and Isaac slowly taking down each other’s walls was so heart warming. They’ve both been through so much, and they come to lean on each other and support each other immensely. I adored them.

Emma Scott writes such brilliant characters, you root for them the entire time you’re reading. She’s quickly becoming one of my favourite writers; she has the ability to warm your heart and then break it, and then put the pieces back together again. She’s such an underrated author, and I’m so pleased that I stumbled across her.

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