This Body Won’t Break by Lea McKee Review

Rating – ⭐️⭐️

Joanna has spent her fifteen years of her life locked up, but she can’t remember her life before that. Can’t remember her parents, her home, her neighbours. All she knows is that, on her eighteenth birthday, she and the rest of the August born orphans will be released into the broken remains of society. But when questions are asked and Jo learns that her whole life has been based on a lie, she needs to decide who to trust, and also how to save herself.

This Body Won’t Break is pretty disturbing, I’m not gonna lie. Kids with type O-Negative blood being raised like cattle, only to be bled (‘harvested’), have their organs donated, and then incinerated? Brutal.

(I should point out that these kids aren’t dying just for the hell of it – there’s a deadly virus that spreads like wildfire that gives sufferers ten days to live, and the only known cure is regular transfusions of healthy blood – hence, O-Negative)

This book started off strong, and I really enjoyed the first 50% of it. But then it sort of became like every other YA dystopian novel out there, and I kept guessing the ‘plot twists’. For the remaining half of the book, I kept checking the percentage on my kindle, which is never a good sign.

While I really liked Ethan, the love interest, Joanna sort of irritated me a bit towards the end. At the start, I thought I was onto a winner, but she got a little bit bratty at times, and her tough girl attitude fell very short for me. There didn’t feel like there was any in-depth character development; it was just like someone handed the kid a gun and all of a sudden she was a warrior.

Like, this girl who has lived fifteen years of her life locked up, no military training at all, no experience of the outside world, legit stood in a meeting and told trained military personnel what their plan should be. And literally nobody else had thought of it.

The writing was decent, pretty cheesy at some points, but there were a lot of grammatical mistakes that sort of interrupted my flow of reading because I would stop and think about how there should be a comma here or there.

I feel like I’m totally just dragging this book through the mud, and I apologise, but I also need to comment about the ending, because the ending was pretty rubbish. Because this book is all three parts combined, I thought that we would have everything wrapped up in a neat little parcel, but not so. There’s quite a cliffhanger, but I’m not sure I care enough to continue the series.

*thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for providing a free review copy*

2 thoughts on “This Body Won’t Break by Lea McKee Review

  1. Daja @ThoughtfulBlackGirl says:

    I hate when a book starts strong and then ends like a lot of other books in its genre. I don’t know if I want to read this book, though. Like, I love the concept of it but if it becomes that predictable I should skip it.

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