Restore Me by Tahereh Mafi Review

Photo from @beautifulbookland on instagram

Rating – ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

I would just like to know why authors feel the need to mess with their readers like this. Quite frankly, it’s rude, and I don’t appreciate it.

I came here expecting to have the time of my life, and I’m leaving with my heart broken. And now I need to wait a WHOLE FREAKING YEAR for the next book and I just want to hibernate until it comes out.

Restore Me is set sixteen days after the events of Ignite Me, which I really liked because it meant that we didn’t have an info dump of everything that had happened after Ignite Me. We explore Juliette’s insecurities about being a leader, and we also learn more about Warner’s childhood.

We also get a Warner POV, which I really loved; I loved how they alternated and how equal they were. Often when a book has a few POVs, I find myself bored and wishing for a different POV, but that didn’t happen here.

With the exception of the last few chapters (what the fuck is Tahereh playing at), this book is very character-based. We mainly explore the relationships and how the events of Ignite Me has affected them. We also get a few new characters, and I’m looking forward to exploring them in the next book.

But, overall, Warnette continue to own my soul, Kenji continues to be a gift that the world doesn’t deserve, and the banter between the characters is gold.

(UPDATE: two days after finishing this book, it’s completely owning my life. I fucking dreamed about Warnette last night.)

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