More Than This by Jay McLean Rant/Review

Rating – ⭐️

Yo, I’ve read fantasy novels that are more realistic than this book right here. And sometimes I don’t really mind it when contemporary books are far fetched – I’ve kind of come to expect it because I mean, how many people are going to meet their dream boyfriend/girlfriend in a bookshop/coffee shop/a random street and fall madly in love?

But this? This book sort of went a bit far, even for me. I’ll elaborate:

So the story starts on Mikayla’s prom night, and we find out that her boyfriend has been cheating on her for two years with her best friend (they literally go to the bathroom together and leave together – you would think they’d be more subtle but I guess you get cocky when you get away with it for two years).

So that’s pretty believable, right? Right.

But while Mikayla and James (the bf) are having a stand off, a random stranger literally just stands there watching and nobody even freaking notices him (until Mikayla sees him and says “Holy shit, accent boy!”. And then ‘accent boy’, introducing himself as Jake, reveals he has a Aussie accent (because Mikayla legit couldn’t work out if he was Aussie or British) and then invites Mikayla to his school’s prom with his friends.

And she agrees. I mean, am I the only person who has heard of stranger danger here?

And then, this guy (that she’s JUST FREAKING MET) and his friends drive to a supermarket, spend a shit ton of money on stuff, and vandalise Mikayla’s cheating ex’s car.

And then (because let’s face it, I’m on a fucking roll here), Mikayla finds out that her whole family has been murdered, and then decides to go home with Jake (who she’s JUST FREAKING MET).

And then, after a day, Mikayla refers to Jake as family.

And then, after two days, Jake is in love with her.

And, speaking of Jake, he’s an arsehole. So is Mikayla, to be honest. Mikayla literally spends a few days mourning her family, but then is overcome by her lust for Jake. They’re both such shallow characters.

In fact, there’s not a single character in this book that I liked. Initially, I did like Lucy, Jake’s bookish friend, but her slut-shaming got real old, real fast.

(Speaking of slut-shaming, shoutout to Mikayla for naming a girl in a bar “Tramptits” for looking at Jake suggestively. I also want to point out that Jake and Mikayla weren’t together at the time, but Mikayla still went off on one.)

Like, this book’s slut-shaming game is strong. Every girl who so much as looked at Jake or one of the other boyfriends was a slut, and ended up either in a physical fight or a verbal one with Mikayla and Jake’s girl friends, Lucy and…I don’t actually know the other friend’s name, which really speaks volumes.

Like I said before, the characters in More Than This are shallow, as are their relationships. Mikayla and Jake, despite being in love with each other after two days, have this push and pull thing going on for the entire book, and despite not actually being together, they still get insanely jealous of whoever the other is talking to. There’s literally a time where he sees Mikayla talking to one of his friends, Logan, and he basically assaults Logan for being with Mikayla without him being there, successfully scaring the shit out of his nine year old sister in the process.

Nice one, mate. Way to go.

Usually, I can recommend a book to a certain group of readers, regardless of my own feelings on it, but I can’t with this one. Maybe if you’re okay with slut-shaming, shallow characters, unstable relationships, insta-love and totally unrealistic plots, you could give this a try. With the amount of glowing reviews this book has on Goodreads, I’m clearly missing something. But all I’m gonna say is that I’m pleased I managed to read this on Kindle Unlimited, and didn’t have to pay money for it.

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