One Good Man by Emma Scott Review

Rating – ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

The fact that I read a standalone novella pretty much tells you how much I love Emma Scott’s writing. I just don’t do novellas. I always find them flat and lacking emotion, so I tend to just steer clear of them.

But One Good Man sort of blew my mind, because I had no idea that novellas could be like this. No idea that a novella could introduce two characters – who we had never met in another story before – and manage to tell their story in such a short amount of time, without any of it feeling rushed.

This novella left me more satisfied than some full-length, 500+ paged books.

Set in the 70s, One Good Man follows aspiring journalist Janey, who, after being arrested due to being caught up in a protest, is shipped off by her father to Paris to complete her studies. All Janey wants to do is to report the big stories, the hard hitting and important ones, so she’s more than a little annoyed when her first assignment is to interview a semi-professional footballer, Adrien.

Despite the obvious attraction between them, the pair don’t really get off to a great start; Janey clinging on to the belief that Adrien is like every other cocky and arrogant jock, and Adrien clinging to the belief that Janey is a stuck up rich girl. Both have their walls up, and it was totally heartwarming to see them come down.

While I would have loved to see their relationship develop in more depth, this novella definitely gets the job done; there’s no pointless backstories, no unnecessary descriptions, just a beautiful story about a beautiful love.

Emma Scott is a queen, and her books never cease to amaze me.

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