Fling Club by Tara Brown ARC Review

Rating – ⭐️

Release date – 14th August 2018

This book is problematic; the slut-shaming is plentiful, there’s a typical mean girl, the love interest is an arsehole, and the main character’s personality is as flat as a pancake.

But to make it even more ridiculous? This ‘Fling Club’. This secret club (THEY LITERALLY BURN A PRINTOUT OF THE RULES SO NOBODY FINDS OUT – which is, incidentally, the only time this book made me laugh because I can legit remember doing this in primary school whenever my friendship group decided to make an uber cool club. But these girls are about twenty years old and it’s a bit embarrassing really) basically means that the members choose a man for a summer fling, parading him around at social events. It was created by a rich teenage girl and everybody takes it completely seriously; the parents literally don’t get on the leader’s bad side in case their daughter gets kicked out of the club.

Maybe it’s because I’m not rich (understatement – I have £2.50 in my bank account, which is an all time low to be honest) or maybe it’s because I’m English and don’t understand American culture, but I just don’t get why this club is so important.

But it is, and instead of just not fucking going to the meetings and that, our main character Cherry, along with her brother and sister, decide to take down the club and its owner – Cait – after she finds Cait sleeping with her boyfriend. Cherry’s eyes are finally Opened after her discovery, and she kicks off a search for a cute, middle-class boy to…expose Cait? I didn’t really understand that part, but I know he gets paid a totally mental amount of money for his troubles.

I ASLO know that the cute, middle-class boy? He’s a total dick, and I wanted to drop kick him off a cliff.

Because this dude? This Ashley? He hates rich people. When he meets Cherry, he’s literally disappointed to find out that she’s rich. But her brother? Her brother who is also rich? He’s fine. He’s cool, he’s a Bro, and Ashley wastes no time in joining Cherry’s brother – Andy – in looking down their noses at Cherry, the spoiled little rich girl.

Ashley regularly judges Cherry, all the while having a total Bromance with her brother. There’s this one part where Cherry lists reasons for eating well – one of which being cancer – and Ashley interrupts her and condescends to her about how she doesn’t eat well to avoid getting cancer, she eats well for vanity reasons.

And then, when Cherry gets angry at him for skinny shaming her (and basically just being a huge Judging Judy), he gets up and storms off.

If you can’t take it mate, you probably shouldn’t dish it out. Just a thought.

There literally wasn’t a single character I liked in this book. Cherry was okay, but that’s only because I felt sorry for her being constantly put down by everyone.

So, yeah, this book wasn’t for me. It kind of gave off a Paper Princess vibe, but like…it just didn’t quite pull it off like that series did.

*I received a free copy via NetGalley in exchange for a honest review*

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