It’s Not You, It’s Me (Overrated Book Edition)

Anyone that knows me knows that I’m a total and utter bandwagon jumper. If I see something that everyone else loves, whether it be a book or a film, you can bet your arse that I’m gonna stick my nose in and see what all the fuss is about. Sometimes this works (Throne of Glass, Red Queen, Shatter Me), but other times I’m left bitterly disappointed and severely left out.

So today I’m gonna be sharing with you the top books that just didn’t work for me. I would just like to say before we begin that the majority of these books just don’t work for me. That is to say, many other people have read and loved them, so they clearly aren’t bad books. None of these books are books that I would tell you 100% steer clear of; just because I didn’t like them doesn’t mean you won’t!

  1. The Raven Cycle

Okay, so a lot of people are currently glaring daggers at their phone/computer screens for that answer, and I’m deeply sorry. I wanted to love this book dearly, after seeing oh so many beautiful gif sets on tumblr of the Raven Boys.

But I literally couldn’t finish The Raven Boys. I was just so bored. I literally don’t think I got further than 20%. And I absolutely hate not finishing books; even if I skim read them, I never just not finish them. But I just couldn’t force myself with this one.

Who knows, maybe I’ll revisit it at a later date and like it. But until then, it’s on my list.

2. A Darker Shade of Magic

So if you didn’t hate me for my Raven Boys answer, odds are you hate me after this one. I’m truly sorry.

Unlike the above answer, I did actually manage to finish A Darker Shade of Magic, and I can understand why people really like it; the concept is very interesting, and Lila Bard seems like a badass. But for some reason, I felt like I was separated from the characters by a pane of glass; I couldn’t connect to any of them, and I just didn’t care enough about it to continue the series.

Maybe my expectations were just way too high after reading all the hype around it. We shall never know.

3. Monsters of Verity

So I think it’s safe to say that Victoria Schwab’s writing just isn’t for me, isn’t it? I had the same problem with this series as I did with A Darker Shade of Magic, in the sense that I couldn’t connect with the characters (and honestly, after the ending of Our Dark Duet, I’m fucking glad I didn’t form a connection with them).

But unlike A Darker Shade of Magic, I did actually continue the series after reading the first book and not loving it. Admittedly, this was less to do with my determination, and more to do with the fact that my brother screwed up and bought me the second book for my birthday instead of the first one, meaning that I had to buy the first book myself.

He did get my other four requests right, and four outta five ain’t bad, right?

4. The Night Circus

DAMN THIS BEAUTIFUL COVER! It pulled me in with its beauty and its intrigue and then just confused the hell out of me. Like, what happened? What was the plot? The character names?

I have no idea. I read the book from cover to cover, and I can remember nothing about it other than my confusion.

5. Nevernight

*Sweats nervously* so here’s the thing: this is another book I build up in my head, I was so sure I was gonna love it, and it was just a massive let down for me. I know this book has a pretty big following (hence my nervous sweating; please don’t hate me), and it sounds awesome. Badass assassin in assassin school? I was so pumped about it.

So what went wrong? Well, friends, here is my list:

  • The overuse of the word gentlefriend. I cringed
  • THE FUCKING FOOTNOTES. Like, the story itself was hard enough to read and get into, but then the footnotes just totally interrupted my flow.
  • The characters were boring
  • The writing was boring
  • Everything was boring

6. Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe

I’m pulling out the big guns here because it seems like I want everyone to hate me. But I just don’t get this book. I read it a few years ago and can’t really remember anything apart from the fact that the author seemed to try a bit too hard to make the writing and the characters quirky and different.

And it was boring. Painfully, painfully boring.

7. Wintergirls

So for those of you that don’t know, I’ve struggled with anorexia for around five years now, and I read this book when I was at my very worst. At the time, I was in the grips of anorexia, looking for any extra bit of inspiration or any new tips that I could get in order to lose more weight, and this book was absolutely perfect for that.

I mean, there’s literally a full page of the main character saying “Do not eat, do not eat” over and over again.

You didn’t need to tell me twice. It was books and other pro-ana material (and my own mind, let’s be fair) that got me admitted to hospital for going on two years.

Pre-hospital, I would have rated this book four or five stars.

Post-hospital, I don’t even think I can give it one.

8. Allegiant

Okay, I fucking loved the Divergent series; I was a total and utter fangirl for it, and I was so pumped for Allegiant. But that ending was a complete and utter disappointment.

Yeah, it’s bold, but it didn’t work for me. At all. And now I sort of try to forget that it exists.

So that’s my list!

(Please don’t send me hate)

What are some of your books that just totally didn’t work for you? Let me know in the comments!

Happy reading!

Kate x

4 thoughts on “It’s Not You, It’s Me (Overrated Book Edition)

  1. Daja @ThoughtfulBlackGirl says:

    OMG I completely agree with you with Allegiant but I think it’s because I wasn’t that big a fan of Divergent. With The Night Circus and The Raven Cycle I was also bored with them so I DNF’ed both. I read Wintergirls so long ago I don’t even remember it, but I think I’ll definitely skip on the reread. I haven’t read the others because I think I have a feeling that I won’t like them for one reason or another. 🙂 Great post!

    Liked by 1 person

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