War Storm (Red Queen 4) by Victoria Aveyard Review

Rating – ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️


I went out of my mind waiting (fucking Wordery) but I finally got it from Amazon and knuckled down to read it 😊

What I Thought

I did know a bit about what was going to happen in this book regarding Maven and Marecal because Wordery couldn’t actually ship my order (despite advertising the freaking product and taking my money, they couldn’t actually get the book for me but that’s another story) and I, naturally, looked for spoilers as to who dies, and whether Marecal get together. But despite partially knowing what was gonna happen, despite mentally preparing myself, I was still a bit disappointed with two main points; one of the new character POVs, and also the epilogue.

The Characters

Okay, I’ve always loved Mare, and I’ve never understood people who don’t like her (I’ve legit seen people who stan Nesta Archeron call Mare a bitch and I just ???? Each to their own I guess). I love her so much; she’s such a fabulous character because she’s funny and smart and loving, but she can also make you face palm with her stubbornness. She’s deeply flawed, and she’s such a marvellous character to read about.

And speaking of marvellous characters; ho-ly SHIT I loved Evangeline in this one! The tide sort of started to turn at the end of King’s Cage but jesus I genuinely looked forward to her chapters. Her character growth is insane, and I loved her changing feelings towards reds. It wasn’t an overnight, unrealistic revelation, just a gradual changing of feeling. After all, she grew up having her own superiority drilled into her; she’s not gonna change overnight.

I loved how we got to see more of Evangeline; her interactions with Mare made me cackle like a witch. Theirs is such a complicated relationship; they’re both strong and complicated women who aren’t used to backing down. I loved seeing them grow to respect one another.

AND FARLEY OMFG Victoria just kept serving fabulous female characters left right and centre. Farley just grew so much; I was sort of indifferent towards her for the first two books, started to like her in King’s Cage and now here I am, a complete Fangirl for Diana Farley. Her dedication to the Scarlet Guard, despite being a new mam and leaving her daughter at home…I just loved her.

(And also the fact that she kept her baby weight! Victoria didn’t make her snap back into shape, and she could still fight just as well. Little things like that just seriously make me happy.)

Cal also didn’t disappoint either; I’ve always been a Cal gal, and his POVs made me a very, very happy girl. While I did want to punch him in the face for his feelings about his crown, you can also totally understand where his feelings come from, in the sense that he spent his entire life working towards being king.

I’m also pleased with how things with Maven ended, and I also really enjoyed his POVs; I can understand why some Maven fans would be upset, but I really don’t see how Victoria could’ve written another way for him that would be as…not quite satisfying, because Maven as a character is pretty heartbreaking, but this ending for him felt right for me.

Our last POV belongs to Iris, and she’s probably the main reason that I could only give War Storm four stars instead of five (her, and the ending…but more on that later) because I just couldn’t get into her chapters. Sure, Victoria did a great job with her character but I just couldn’t really connect with Iris as much as I could with any of the other characters. I wasn’t interested in her, and was counting down the pages until the end of her chapter.

The Ending

(Some spoilers ahead)

Okay, so the ending was good. I liked it, and I can understand the reasoning behind it. Hell, after the next book in 2019, I might even look back on this review and tell myself to just have faith. Mare and Cal will get together, they will be stronger for their time apart, and all will be well. I’ll look back and praise this ending, praising the fact that Mare had to give herself time to find herself.

I’m clinging onto hope for Mare and Cal in the next book (I’m definitely not above begging, either), but that doesn’t stop me from obsessively googling “is Marecal endgame” in the hopes that Victoria somehow slipped out some spoilers.

A girl can dream.

The Verdict

I would definitely say that I would have enjoyed this book much more had Iris not had any chapters, because they bored me immensely. But I did absolutely love Cal, Maven and Evangeline’s chapters. I loved seeing Mare from their point of view, and I just generally loved hearing their voices.

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