The Edge of Everything by Jeff Giles Review

Rating – ⭐️

I’m so angry. I’ve literally been putting off reading this book ever since I came across it last year because I was so sure that I was going to love it.

(I do this a lot with books that I think I’m gonna love, and it always ends up where I’m either massively disappointed in it, or I loved it so much that I hate myself for not reading it sooner. It’s a lose-lose situation.)

I’ve read reviews for this book where people have said that the beginning of the book gripped them, but then they were let down by the end of it – for me, I was never gripped at any point. I didn’t like the writing, but I carried on because I thought I could get used to it, but it didn’t improve. I didn’t feel anything for any of the characters, and the relationship between Zoe (I literally just had to check her name because she was so utterly forgettable that I couldn’t even remember what she’s called) and X is shallower than the kiddies’ pool.

Okay, so the writing…the writing sort of reminded me of Nevernight (I hated Nevernight) in the sense that it tried to be funny but just came off as cringe-worthy. The same can be said of the characters; Zoe’s family and friends are all so “quirky” that they’re so unrealistic (I can’t come up with any examples because this book is totally forgettable; I definitely should have written more of a note than “cringey quirkiness”).

So, yeah, this is disappointing. All I can say is thank god I didn’t buy the sequel when I saw it in Waterstones.

*I received a free copy in exchange for an honest review*

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