Paper Girl by Cindy R. Wilson ARC Review

Rating – ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

This reminds me so much of Finding Audrey (which I ADORED); it follows Zoe, whose social anxiety and agoraphobia have prevented her from leaving her apartment in over a year; she spends her time working on her paper galaxy in her room. It also follows Jackson, whose tenuous relationship with his father has rendered him homeless, and desperate for money. So when Zoe’s Mam mentions a tutor for her daughter in maths and physics, Jackson jumps at the chance.

I absolutely adored our main characters; there wasn’t any insta-love, as they knew each other school, and their interactions were so cute. I loved seeing Zoe go from being nervous around Jackson to speaking her mind and feeling comfortable with him. And Jackson is just perfect; he’s sweet and caring and supportive, and is the boyfriend material I dream of.

I also loved how Zoe recognised that she couldn’t rely on Jackson for everything, she had to push herself and branch out. I think that’s a really healthy thing to advocate, otherwise a relationship could become unhealthy.

I absolutely adored this book, and will be eagerly anticipating Cindy’s next books!

*thank you to the publisher for providing a free copy*

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