Other Words For Smoke by Sarah Maria Griffin ARC Review

Rating – 💖💖💖

This is a hard book to review, because while I liked and enjoyed it, I can’t really go into depth about what it’s about because honestly I don’t really understand.

This is what I know:

– Two kids go to stay with a relative

– There is an evil owl in the wall who feeds off hate; he is called Sweet James and he’s not sweet in the slightest

– There’s a magical talking cat

– Witchcraft and witchery

The POVs in this book were a little confusing for me; it went from third person to second person, and maybe I’m just a bit dim but I just couldn’t work out the relevance. Having said that, Sarah Griffin’s writing is simply stunning; it’s lush and atmospheric, but it’s also downright chilling.

One thing that does irritate me, in all books, is footnotes. As soon as I see footnotes in a story, my heart sinks because I just don’t understand. I don’t understand why you would disrupt the flow of the story to add some usually irrelevant extra information.

However. While I’m still not a footnote fan, they didn’t irritate me quite as much as usual in this book, mainly because I feel like there was some point to it (I still don’t exactly know what the point was, but there was one. I can tell).

Thank you to Titan Books for sending me a review copy!

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