Our Stop by Laura Jane Williams ARC Review

Rating – 💖💖💖

Our Stop is a light and sweet and funny read whose gorgeous cover and cute synopsis just meant I had to request a review copy! And while I’m pleased that I did, I couldn’t help feeling a tad underwhelmed by the pacing and how the story played out.

The story follows Daniel and Nadia, who both get the same train on a morning; and while the pair have never actually spoken in person, they converse via messages in a section of the local newspaper, Missed Connections.

This idea is incredibly sweet, but it was the execution that had me disappointed; the pair only met near the end of the book after a serious amount of missed meeting opportunities prior. While these missed opportunities initially drove me crazy in a good way, it got to a point where it was just frustrating.

My rating could have been a four had their relationship started earlier on in the book, as we didn’t really see much of them together. But I did still enjoy it, and I would definitely read more of Laura’s work!

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